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Abi Adams

Yoga instructor and holistic masseuse

Swedish Massage
Deep tissue/fascial release
Thai massage
Thai abdominal massage


Studying at the Steiner School of therapy, London in Swedish massage and body therapy at 18, my love for healing the body took me to training in Thai massage in the remote retreat the Shanti Griha in the north west Highlands of Scotland, which ignited a passion and love for the “lazy mans yoga”! I have since travelled to Thailand and Greece as well as various place around the UK to study with some of the most amazing teachers, offering Thai massage, Thai abdominal massage and acupressure.

Having studied with Balanced Wellness, I offer Kinesiology as an add on to your yoga or massage treatment or a treatment in itself. Kinesiology sees the body as a circuit which, from external stresses, can shut down mentally, physically or chemically. Testing muscles of the body allows us to find these inconsistencies, alleviating physical pain, emotional stresses such as anxiety and depression and digestion complaints.

Please contact me for further information on the treatments above or to tailor-make a bespoke session.

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